10 Reasons Why You Should Not Copy Games Corner?

When we started Games Corner, people questioned how such a business could work since most people have PlayStation or Xbox consoles. Once we proved that the concept worked, we started getting questions about the costs of franchising.  People can just copy the business model and create their own company.

We are the first brand to introduce the video gaming experience in malls.  We have become a highly profitable gaming brand.  We have proved our concept works.  We experienced some competition, but most have failed and the rest are unprofitable.  If you are interested in our concept, our experience and proven brand name are factors to our success.  Games Corner is looking for franchisees that are willing to join our brand.  We are willing to guide you and help make your project a success.

We started getting some questions like why should we pay the $10000 Franchise Fee and $5000 finding the Location fee we can just copy the business and do it ourselves, below we explain why.

1-     Knowledge and Branding

The Games Corner business model is simple, but there’s a very thin line between profit and loss.  There are many details that contribute to the success of this concept.  We understand what it takes to make the business profitable, because of extensive knowledge in expansion and branding.  We have become a well-known brand that people recognize.

As a franchisee, you will get the benefit of this expansion knowledge, along with all print materials like coupons, receipts, uniforms, and other items that create brand conformity.  We also help you understand how to hold profitable events and tournaments.  Our social media presence is also yours to market with.

2-     Equipment

We are able to advise our franchisees in the best equipment.  Our franchisees benefit from our existing knowledge of what works best, and our network of suppliers that provide us with very competitive pricing, saving you money.


3-     Location and Rent

Location is a critical component to the success of your branch.  Just because something looks appealing, doesn’t mean it’s the best place to locate.  We have done analysis on mall traffic, outdoor/indoor locations, shops, or kiosks.  We will help you locate your branch in a prime location to maximize your profitability.  We will also find and negotiate rent for you, getting you the best deal possible.  Sometimes malls use new companies to fill in poor spaces in their malls, because they need someone to fill the space.  We are skilled at negotiating with them, so this won’t happen to you.  We have reduced annual rent for different branches between $20,000 and $100,000, as one-year savings.

4-     Hidden Costs

These costs can be surprising to many, just getting started as a franchisee.  The company model seems simple, but in reality has complexities many don’t understand at first.  Even if you lack business experience, we will help you understand the complexities of the company and get you going on the right foot.  We will teach you how to analyze your capital and cash flows, so you won’t end up with an accounting nightmare.

5-     Employee Hiring and Training

We will help you screen, interview, and select the right employees for your branch.  We advise you on the hiring process so you will be completely legal.  We have a professional to go over all the details and hiring contracts so you won’t have to deal with all the paperwork.  We will train your staff and send them questionnaires periodically, ensuring they are following the company policies and procedures.  This is to make sure the brand is being represented in the best way possible.  We share with you our incentive policy that will motivate employees to help generate more revenue.

6-     Design and Layout

We connect you with our designers to design your branch and provide the layout.  We also work with the mall to ensure everything is set up appropriately for their requirements.

7-     Equipment Set Up and Grand Opening

We help you to setup the equipment in less than 4-6 hours at a kiosk location, and help you plan the grand opening for the greatest visibility.

8-     Legal and Contracts

We develop a detailed franchise contract to protect your rights.  We will help you in signing and negotiating the right contract terms with the landlord of the location, opening date and other factors that will reduce your investment cost and boost your profitability.

9-     Accounting

We assign you an accountant that will keep your records on Excel and QuickBooks, which will save you money and ensure accurate record keeping.  We will also analyze the numbers for you and give you recommendations on saving money and boosting profitability.

10-  Management

We advise you on the right processes that you should implement to control the branch for costs, staff, cash flow, and all other aspects of your business. We assign your branch a supervisor to help with questions and all issues that may arise with operations.

We think the above benefits are worth more than the $10000 franchising fee and $5000 Finding the Location fee in terms of capital cost, time, rent cost, branding, and knowledge.

Note: in case you find the location you can eliminate the $5000 location fee.

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